Steven & Kevin

Worbey and FarrellEven though Steven Worbey (left) and Kevin Farrell had known each other since they were teenagers and studied together at the Royal College of Music, it was an improvised and slightlydrunken afternoon at the piano that lead them teaming up to become one of the world’s mostentertaining and certainly unique, piano-comedy double-acts.

Although pursuing separate careers performing and writing (and in Steven’s case, acting), from 2003 they met every week for a year or so and the act slowly came together, fusing their personalities as well as their considerable technical and writing skills.

As Steven reflects: "It just clicked - the humour, the synchronisation, the improvisedsense of fun. We discovered that we played the piano together in a way that had neverbeen played before".

Kevin adds: "It seemed, looking back, like we were an accident waiting to happen"

Their first gig (by accident, naturally) was at The Royal Opera House, which lead to aflood of offers across the world. Their mix of live comedy, breathtaking cabaret andmusical virtuosity ("you get four hands for the price of two") has made them a globalhit and gained them a dedicated following. From Papa New Guinea to Berwick UponTweed ("literally on consecutive nights") they have performed in 138 countries and showno signs of slowing up.

Worbey and FarrellBoth are admirers of Victor Borge ("the first performer to debunk classical music") andthe comedy genius of Laurel & Hardy but when it comes to comparative double-acts fanshave likened their chemistry to Ant & Dec, although, as Kevin observes: "I doubt Ant &Dec they drink as much as we do".

Until now they have been performing under the name 'Katzenjammer' but as Kevinpoints out in a message to their fans "We’re not a German Um-pah band, we’re notmiserable or depressed and our hangovers aren’t that bad – most of the time".

Worbey and Farrell will be performing at the Maddermarket in Norwich on March 4th andthe Isle of Man Festival on June 26th. They are also currently developing a new stageshow for Edinburgh 2011.

Watch out for them performing on ITV's This Morning on Feb 18.

"You’ve never seen a piano played like this before!"

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