I\'m so pleased that I\'ve finally found you again! I\'ve been very confused by the current Katzenjammer - 4 women! I saw you in Buxton about 6 years ago (ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT) and have been waiting for you to come back to Buxton/Manchester area since then. When will you be in the area next?
Posted by: Penny Anson (28 June, 2012)

Can you please let us know what you are doing after 23 June!
Posted by: Keith (06 May, 2012)

Can you please let us know what you are doing after 23 June!
Posted by: Keith (06 May, 2012)

I just want to say a big \"thank you\" for coming to Barrow-in-Furness. Your show is highly original and completely captivating. I loved the blend of humour, fascinating facts and music. You make the world of music accessible to everyone. My children (10 and 12) came away entertained and inspired! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us after the show. I just wish I had bought the DVD! Can I purchase it online ?Thanks again.
Posted by: Diane (14 April, 2012)

I\'ve just got home from seeing you in Aberdeen, I\'ve always loved the piano and admired anyone who can play...but you guys...WOW, you take it to another level entirely, i\'ve never seen fingers move so fast and to manage it together with such precision and synchronicity was outstanding. I loved your wit too, you work perfectly together :) Thank you also for talking to me at the end of the show, you are a couple of lovely blokes as well as musical wizards. I very much look forward to going to more of your shows, you now have 2 fans lol Regards x
Posted by: Nina King (08 April, 2012)

Posted by: Nina King (08 April, 2012)

Posted by: Nina King (08 April, 2012)

Another jaw-dropping performance! The logistics of what you do with the piano are just incredible.I wanted to ask you how you manage the rubato 'together, as one' like one person with 4 hands, but then I guess that's the idea! I was thrilled to hear the Finale from 'Carnival of Animals' live after having viewed it many times on YouTube - my student is now motivated to learn 'Aquarium' - help!! (he suggested we do it as a duet a la Worbey and Farrell - I think not....)Thank you again for a fantastic evening, and for spending time with your fans in the foyer, you really are humble, down-to-earth nice guys :)
Posted by: SubstandardPianist (06 April, 2012)

How lovely to have been in the audience this evening and be once again amazed. A fantastic night in Glenrothes. Just home and it's all we're talking about. Excellent night. Thank-you.
Posted by: Wilma (06 April, 2012)

Hi,me and my dad saw your show in derby last friday and we are both amazed in the amount of thrill in your performance and we would love to come again.Also thanks for performing my request (the simpsons).Cheers!
Posted by: Alex and Shaun Miles (05 April, 2012)

Hi guys, just saw you perform in Cambridge and you were absolutely SUPERB!!!! Your fingers are complete magic and your jokes had me crying with laughter! What a brilliant amazing performance! I loved every moment and definitely want to see you perform again soon!! You are both totally AWESOME!I can\'t believe I finally got to see you after watching you on youtube for years!Thank you for such a wonderful evening!
Posted by: Wis (16 March, 2012)

I saw your performance at the Otley Courthouse last night. What an immensely amusing and thrilling evening. I must admit that i really enjoyed watching the projected imagesof your hands - it defies belief that you can both come out of a piece without your hands being firmly entwined. Amazing!!! x
Posted by: Sally Phillips (03 March, 2012)

Hi Guys, Dont know if you remeber me but I used to be the receptionist and room booker at Steinways when you used to come in and practice and I saw a couple of your shows in London, glad to see your still doing what you do best!!!hope your keeping well and hope to catch another show soon! x
Posted by: Jade Thomson (used to be Fairburn) (24 February, 2012)

Outstanding performance on 'This Morning'. We were mezmorized by it.Would love to see you perform live, hope you make it to Cardiff at some point.Good luck to you both.
Posted by: Chris(17 February, 2012)

Just seen you on This MorningWOW! how fantastic, hope to see you live. Good Luck with everything.
Posted by: Ann Markham (18 February, 2011)

Have a great time on This Morning...we'll all be watching ;-)
Posted by: Scotty and Margaret (18 February, 2011)

Hello dear friends!Your playing is amazing!I enjoy your music! Since today I am you fan;)I have oooone small question - can you give me notes 'The Simpsons' for 4 hands?Pleeease!I want to play it with my friend sooo much!!I even agree to buy( my e-mail [email protected]
With love,
Posted by: Anna de Bordeaux (13 February, 2011)

Your new show is breathtakingly wonderful. We wouldn\'t have missed it for anything.We shrieked with laughter, wept with you, cringed with you and came out at the end dazzled and amazed. What a fabulous show.
Posted by: Three Witches (01 November, 2010)

I play duets with my sister, and you all are such inspiration to us - even if we are Americans!!! =) You\'re awesome!!!! I\'ve never seen anything like that!
Posted by: H (20 October, 2010)

After Vienna cannot vait to see you in Edinburgh. You are the most original, exciting, funny, virtuoso performers ever.
Posted by: Talulah Wolf (13 October, 2010)

You are Bloomin\' Brilliant - mesmerising - love you! xxx
Posted by: Christine Hamilton (12 September, 2010)

Please, please, please come to the United States!
Posted by: Benjiman (24 August, 2010)

Just saw video of your music on youtube. Love it. y\'all are very talented. If you ever come to Tennessee in USA hope to see you.
Posted by: Susan (19 August, 2010)

Seen you guys on the Neiuw Amersterdam. Brilliant show great DVD hopefully see you again soon :)
Posted by: Suzi(10 August, 2010)

We were on the VOLENDAM Mar/Apr 2010 and we can\'t remember laughing as much in a long time, you are a joy to watch and listen to.
Posted by: The Garniers (21 July, 2010)

Congratulations on a truely entertaining night on The Queen Victoria.Superb talent, well done !!!!!
Posted by: Brian (01 July, 2010)

We watched your DVD again last night and enjoyed you two all over again!Thanks for sharing your talent!You\'re too cute!:-)
Posted by: The Handleys (Volendam March 2010) (30 June, 2010)

Wonderful music from two talented, really nice guys. Outstanding!!! \"THE QUEEN MARY 2\"- what more is to be said?
Posted by: David and Elliott (05 June, 2010)

Ooh, didn\'t mean to send that twice - I\'m not stalking you, honest....
Posted by: Jennie Ray (23 April, 2010)

Saw you in Inverness last night and mortified that I actually yelled Oi! at the end of the first verse to Lambeth Walk - too busy crying with laughter to sing the rest of the song.Fantastic show chaps!Come back soon
Posted by: Jennie Ray (23 April, 2010)

A brilliantly entertaining show at the Stables last night. Musical madness-funny and educational. Many, many thanks!
Posted by: Jo and Mark (17 April, 2010)

Kevin - Hope have a fantastic birthday today and enjoy your meal out in Thailand! Margaret\'s desperate to tell everyone how old you are...;-)
Posted by: Scott & Margaret (01 March, 2010)

Very funny and very clever.we loved your performances on the Volendam in January,stay cool!!
Posted by: Hagans Family of the Volendam (04 February, 2010)

Come to Atlanta!!!! :)
Posted by: U (01 February, 2010)

You guys have way too much fun!!! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. :-)
Posted by: Tom Clemans (from the Seattle area) (16 January, 2010)

We saw you on the Noordam in December 2009. Your show was so AWESOME!! We were so thrilled when you played the second show also.Your show is truly original and the best show I have seen in awhile.
Posted by: Allan & Julie Moreno (22 December, 2009)

I had a very special time with you on the QUEEN Mary. Thanks a lot for your entertainment:-)
Posted by: Jim - Seaman from Liverpool (05 December, 2009)

Congratulations for your great performance at the Ribeiro Conceição Theatre, Lamego, Portugal.You won one more fan. See you next time, and continue the good work!Best wishesSimão :)
Posted by: Nuno Simão Carvalho - Lamego / Portugal (29 November, 2009)

Please make sure you include Newark Palace theatre in your tour. Hope we can look forward to a fabulous evenings entertainment.
Posted by: Steph H (29 November, 2009)

Hope your tour brings youdown to the South! I can\'t wait!
Posted by: Ute Schwarting (27 November, 2009)

We enjoyed meeting you on the Rotterdam last spring, and look forward to cocktails with you again on the Queen Victoria between Honolulu and Auckland.John and Ruthanna
Posted by: John and Ruthanna Jeter (13 November, 2009)

Is there any possibility to maintain a concert in Belgrade (main city of Serbia)?
Posted by: Ivan (10 November, 2009)

Brought my daughter to watch you guys at the Forest Arts Centre, New Milton. Absolutely bowled over! First class entertainment! It gave Rowena so much inspiration to experiment more on the piano. We can't wait for your UK tour next April/May - make sure you come this way!!
Posted by: Sally Young (13 November, 2009)

Watching closely for a chance to see you guys live. Loving what I've seen on YouTube. Brilliant!
Posted by: Lindy Loo (13 November, 2009)

Heard/Saw you on Cunard Cruise. Absolutely superb!! Do you ever visit North wales?
Posted by: Shan Gruffydd (13 November, 2009)

Wish you would appear nearer to York than Pitlochry!!! Enjoyed meeting you both in Glenrothes very much.Best wishes.
Posted by: Ray Roberts, York (13 November, 2009)

This is the first post on your Fanbook! Hey Ho!
Posted by: Scotty (13 November, 2009)

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